Media Matters: Why Not Give Us Context (Attendance)

 Politics is all theater. Aristotle could have told me that had I not been ignorant about his writings in high school, when I had the good fortune (I thought back then) of interviewing Ronald Reagan, who was running for president. Seeing him, and seeing how few folks attended his talk at the local Hilton in [...]

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Not quite sure why Rubio Robot keeps attacking President Barack Obama. Hit Hillary (rhetorically) for undoubtedly following in Obama's footsteps, sure. Cast a stone at Christie or Cruz, why not?  But Barack? Robot Rubio is no drone. Do we want him in charge of the drones given Rubio Robot lacks direction?  

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Trump, Trump, Trump’s Obamacare

Donald Trump is redefining things — and not just the race for the Republican nomination.  As a celebrity centrist, Trump told one of the Sunday shows that he plans on changing the lines.  “The lines,” he repeated.  Instead of repealing Obamacare, Trump plans on nationalizing it (not single-payer, mind you).  By lines, he means federalism.  Well, that’s [...]

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Cheerleaders and Secret Weapon Wives

Fantastic visual, so forgive me for being tired of the “revolutionary” binary (e.g. HC as establishment). .No doubt Bernie can teach democratic socialism to the idealists of our age (the youth), but it’s time to have another visual -- Bernieand Marco.And how come nobody mentions the age difference between  Bernie and his wife? At least [...]

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Wile E. Cruz and His ACME Election Machine

So Ted Cruz was “despondent” about the prospect of gay marriage, but now he is indifferent to LGBTQers? Cruz is a flip-flopping ideologue who reminds one of Roadrunner’s coyote. Watch out for falling rocks — and principles! It must be fun to chase him.  Beep-beep!

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Kinder, Gentler Neotribalism

Unicorns, not wives, rule. The 19th amendment puzzles pollsters because wives follow husbands.  Hillary did (to Arkansas).  Wives don't lead husbands, supposedly. And there is no city of women in New Hampshire or California. But not anymore, as the GOP is going to be less brutal to moms, sisters, daughters, and girls. Less intimidating now that women [...]

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Misogyny has No Party

All this Hillary-versus-Joe talk got me thinking: Misogyny knows no American political party — that is, the Tweedledee and Tweedledum parties within the American two-party system both have strands of misogyny, or what I call neotribalism. The Biden-promoting or Joe-talking Democrats don’t acknowledge this, any more than the Democrats serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee [...]

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The Honorables ??) – Kevin McCarthy & Renee Ellmers – An Affair to Forget 

  My sister is alert, smart, and definitely curious, and she’s been a resident of what is now Kevin’s McCarthy’s 23rd district since she could vote. So why does she and everyone inside the Beltway know what the Los Angeles Times failed to report? Really? Does it seem credible that reporter Phil Willon forgot to [...]

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Boo Hoo for Bakersfield as Boehner Strikes Back at Native Bakersfield Son, Who Does Get How Congress is Run

Wanna-Be-Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy stepped out of the race today, due to his inability to be silent or to muffle his partisan goals. Bet former Speaker of the House John Boehner is not too sad that his former mentee, Kevin -- who is not very politic about keeping quiet, now or back in [...]

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No Joe: Hillary Clinton Still Only Viable Democrat

Go ahead, disparage away. You can flip the "drip, drip, drip" for her . . . Hillary Clinton and her tenacity are not going away. Nor should she, since HC remains the only viable Democratic candidate. So no, Joe, Hillary doesn’t need any help. Long-term, largely Republican strategist Richard Gephardt was, after all, one of [...]

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Historic Same Sex Marriage Ruling

Wow!  A real victory for same sex marriage under family law, and a victory for national civil rights. Perhaps the Roberts Court will revisit the Violence against Women Act that the Rehnquist Court gutted if Hillary Clinton is elected.  Who knows?

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